Have you ever seen a squirrel flit across a yard and up a tree for no
apparent reason? Dash and play in loose dirt and then run back up that
same tree? Have you laughed at its antics? I am convinced that God puts
these little moments in our paths because He loves them and wants us to
enjoy them with Him. Sometimes life can be so hard and full of sorrow and
pain. And, yet, in the midst of such sorrow and pain, the flowers are still
blooming and the squirrels playing. I have recently read and re-read
Matthew 6:25-34. In those verses there is the call to not worry, to not be
anxious, but to trust God. On a beautiful Sunday morning, while listening to
Stacey Burkholder preach about God raising the dead, God gave me these
words. He reminded me that my call is to enjoy Him, to worship Him, and
to take delight in His creation. It is through the worship of Him, the
enjoyment of Him, that I can cast all my worries and anxieties at His feet.
Let Him wipe my tears. Let Him carry my burdens. Lean into the rest that
He offers and be renewed (Matthew 11:28-30).

Laughter of the King with a jeweled ring
Squirrels the jesters of His court 
Sunbeams on daisies stream 
Praise music the joy of the King

His smile a radiant thing 
Bluebells dancing on the breeze 
Heaven on earth His will 
Praise Him the King, praise Him

Awake my heart and sing 
Bring Him smiles and joy 
Heaven on earth with smiles sing 
Praise Him the King, praise Him 

Let the bluebells sing and laughter ring
Let the squirrels dance and play 
Worship King and Creator 
Praise Him, praise Him the King 

Weeping and sorrow are but for a moment 
Our tears He wipes away 
Dew drops dried by the sun’s rays 
Praise Him, the giver of love and life 

Worship and laughter and joy on the air 
Night fleeing day as sunbeams on daisies stream

Bluebells dancing on the breeze 
All worship and praise to the King 

By Allie Whiting