1 Timothy 4:14Do not neglect your gift”

My gift? I feel like I know what my gift is, but why, if it is a gift, do I push it off to the back burner? 

I love teaching people about finances and what they can do differently in their lives to change it for the good.  The only time that I really get to do this is if I am teaching Financial Peace at my church (if you haven’t taken it, you should) or when I am at work and have a moment to breathe.  I live for this and can see myself being a different person who is so happy and joyful. I feel so deeply in my heart that this is a gift that God has given me. 

I think that I place this gift on pause or the “back burner” at times, because we have three little girls and I am a salary employee. I feel like I don’t have time, or I start with someone but then end up losing focus on them because life has a hold of me. I don’t want to “neglect” my gift. I want to take full control of it.

I keep telling myself that I need to throw myself into it, but fear sets in. I do dream that one day I will have my own business with flexible hours (for my family) that I can help more people get control of their money. The fear that sets in is that I need income for my family.   I want to help people who might not have money or need help getting more control of their money. 

I pray that God will open doors for me to truly live my life by using “my gift” every single day. 

Over the past six months, I have had four people whom I have helped teach about controlling their money become 100% debt free. This shows me that this is what God wants me to do. He has given me the gift to teach others. 

We are all designed to have “gifts” and to share them with the world.

Do you know what your gift is? What do you do with it? 

Take time this week or month and focus on what “your gift” is. Talk to family and friends if you cannot think of what it is. You might already be serving God with your gift and don’t even know it. 

Written by Sara Bankard

Photo by Dreamstime.com