We never know what God is going to throw our way, so we must be prepared to serve as He has called us at any given time. He uses us to show others that He is present and we are there with His guidance.

1 Peter 4:10 Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms

There are times when I am on my way to work and I pray for a more peaceful day with issues or concerns and there are times that I pray for Him to send someone my way to help. I love to help others see God’s light!

Everyday for me is chaos in one way or another, but recently I walked into a very special day that I will never forget. One that God had been planning for someone and I. I was walking back up towards my office when I had an employee (who doesn’t work directly under me) ask if she could please talk to me. I told her that I had to stop by and find someone, then she said that she would do it later. I told her it was okay, she could just walk with me so we could talk now. I don’t like making people wait, and I am the type of person who just wants to get things taken care of right then. Little did I know that this conversation would have such a huge impact on both of us.

As we sat down in my office, she began to tear up. I had no clue what was going on. I enjoy being around her but didn’t have a close relationship with her to know her personal life. She began to tell me her whole life story and how she was extremely successful but then moved into Virginia to take care of her parents. One passed and the other was still living but it was getting worse. How her faith was not where it needed to be.

As we began to talk more, I told little stories about God and my life, things that I do to get my head on straight. She was shocked. Everything that I said ran through her head that morning. We both knew right then that God set up this “appointment”. She was coming in to quit, but instead we ended up praying together and she will be hopefully returning to work. WOW!! Chills ran down both of our arms, and she stated, “You have no clue what you have just done for me.” Blessings are all around. God had made His presence well known to both of us.

I have verses, crosses, and a “work prayer” for sure in my office. I need a daily reminder when things get out of control, plus it opens the door for others to ask questions or to share. I love every moment of doing God’s work. I see so many things that He brings to us each day, and so many of us miss out on the opportunity to help others.

Challenge yourself this week to have more of an open heart for Christ and do the work that He has called you to do. God loves for us to open our eyes and do His amazing work. All the glory goes to God!!!

Written by Sara Bankard

Picture by Crosswalk.com