John 15:2 “Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit, He takes away; and every branch that bears fruit, He prunes it so that it may bear more fruit.

Every time I see or hear of this verse, I think of a grape vine. How grape vines must be taken care of by pruning it and cutting it way back so it can bear more and better grapes. Another thing is with fewer fruit clusters, the grapes will be larger and sweeter. I love the fact that it has to be taken care of one by one and with the utmost care and pruning in order for it to become something better than what it already was.

Do you feel like your life needs to be pruned? I know that I sure feel that way about my life. I could prune my home by decluttering things that I don’t need or use and then donating, having a yard sale, or giving to someone in need. I feel so much better when my home is clean and I can find things. Then there are work tasks – I could take some off of me and hold people accountable for what they are already supposed to do. I just choose to do things myself so the tasks get done but in the end, I am producing sour grapes. Friendships are something that I think most of us hang on to because of feelings or hurt feelings. Are we really contributing to the relationship? We need to want to have friendships that produce sweet grapes instead of toxins that hurt our joy. They say that grape vines are forgiving, so don’t be afraid to prune more than is needed.

One of the best excuses is that we don’t see the need to make changes because we think that we are right or we don’t have time to make the changes. We are not perfect but we can strive to get rid of what is holding us back from at least living a happier and healthier life. I need to be “pruned” in order to go and move to the greater heights that we are called for!!

Why do we keep thinking the way we are doing things is right when they bring us nothing but anguish and anxiety? Stress in this world is at an all time high and the crazy thing is that we do it to ourselves. No one puts the kind of pressure on us that we put on ourselves. We put ourselves in situations and our reactions don’t reflect on who we are or what we are meant to be. Most of us want the best, strive for the best. We will do whatever it takes, even if that rips our joy and heart away. Then, where does that leave us?

Like I said, I need to be pruned. Daily! We all do. But, when do we start doing it? When do we decide to start making just one small change? Today and every day forward. Of course things will take longer to accomplish, but do it in small steps so you don’t get too overwhelmed.

God is so good! Let him help you take over all of this and pray that he shows you what you need to work on.
I want to bear more good fruit. What about you?


Written by Sara Bankard