Friends, I’m sharing a testimony of answered prayer, which grew and challenged me. Prayer for provision. Prayer for humility. And how, in His goodness, the Lord answered both.

As I am writing, I’m 60 days away from boarding a plane to Ghana, West Africa. With great excitement, I became part of this team to return to a country and people so dear to my heart. As with previous mission trips, I knew much of the initial planning would involve fundraising. I went into this expectant, joyfully remembering the support of trips past, knowing that in order to go, God would have to provide all. I crafted and mailed out my personal support letters, and my prayers began – for His perfect provision, for me, for our team.


At this same time, my prayers began to really focus on humbleness of heart. Daily seeking out the humility and heart of Christ. That He would continue to shape my fleshy-human heart, to a heart bent low, ready for service, reflective of His.

So there I was, praying for provision, praying for humbleness, at once. Answers coming, in a way I did not expect.

Each day after sending out my support letters, I eagerly checked my mailbox. And day after day, my mailbox was empty. Empty. Not a single response back. Not one. Yet here I sit, part of a team that is, as of right now, fully funded! Our small team of 4, exceedingly supported! Provision poured in through others, God so clearly provided! And like His overwhelming grace, it was a gift I could not have earned.

Can I be honest and say, this was both amazing and hard? In my head, I knew our fundraising efforts were shared, and I was so, so thankful. And yet at first, that empty mailbox stung…and preached. As I surrendered that hard to God, He in turn gave me eyes to see past the empty place to a place full of blessing. With every empty mailbox day, I realized I received a gift. Not the gift I expected, but one I prayed for nonetheless. The gift of humility. Humbleness of heart. Like sandpaper slowly rubbing away the rough edges, I was learning to receive, however it was He chose to give.

Friends, I hope you can hear my heart in this. This is not about letters or response – I feel abundantly supported! It is about my asking and the willingness to receive. Whether praying for provision or praying for humility, I did not get to choose the way in which these things came. But as I continued to trust, they surely did. I can say first hand, that humility is not an easy thing to receive. Accepting God’s perfect provision didn’t feel, at first, perfect. And yet in His loving mercy, He gives that we may truly receive. Not always in the ways that are easiest, but in the ways that actually change our hearts.


We may not know how He will answer our prayers, but we can rest in His promises. Our God is a Good, Good Father, who hears and answers. He is a God who provides for His people, while also continually shaping our hearts to look more and more like Christ. I can say with joy, I will be boarding that plane to Africa, fully funded, and by His grace, with a softer and more humble heart. Praise God.


Lord, help us to be a people who are ready to receive, not only your blessings, but your lessons, in whichever way you choose to give them. Help us to be a people, who are able through the workings of Your Spirit, to see our “empty mailbox” places as Grace-Filled places, full of blessing. Lord, you are faithful to meet our every need, in your good and perfect way. Help us to surrender ourselves as we come to you in prayer. In your steadfast love for us, you are sure to hear and answer. Lord, help us to believe, that we may truly receive. In Jesus Name, Amen.

**Friends, I have to add this praise! After penning these words, that same afternoon I also received my first mailed response. A generous gift and note of encouragement. The Lord’s timing is perfect. First, allowing me priceless insight, and then He just kept giving! God continues to overwhelm me with His kindness, it is more than I could ever ask or imagine…


Written by Morgan Alexander