At Bridge, life groups have become part of our DNA, something we strongly encourage others to join and be part of.  I could write all about what my experience has been in life life groupgroups, how much I love them, and why I think it’s something you should consider, but instead of me rambling on and on, here’s what people at our church that are part of life groups as either leaders or attenders have to say.  Every group is a bit different, but the responses have the same message – JOIN!  Here are some frequently asked questions and what others have to say:

  1. What would you say is the purpose of life groups?

“To build relationships towards making disciples. It’s a GREAT way to have community not only within a large church, but also because we need this community of believers in our lives. After all, you can’t have discipleship without relationship.” The Clicks

“When people discuss life groups, they talk about it being a great way to connect with other people in the church and a way to meet people from different generations, neighborhoods, and walks of life. All those things are true, but to me life groups are much more than that. To me, they provide a way to develop bonds with people as you meet each week to socialize and to participate in a study. You learn about each others’ lives and hear stories about their children. You can see God working through them as you go through the challenges that arise day-to-day. Life groups provide a support group when living in this world is hard and they bless you with their kindness. Be prepared to walk alongside other Christians, and your life will be blessed!” Judy Musick

  1. What do you get out of going to life group?

“I enjoy the relationships and friendships that are built through life groups. I have loved learning from others and seeing that just like me,they aren’t perfect and are struggling in areas just like I am. It gives me hope to know that I’m not alone in my struggles, confusion, etc. I have also enjoyed the various studies that have been completed. Each of these has been a wonderful way to encourage me. – I’ve been involved in 3 different life groups during my time at Bridge and I have loved the way that each group felt like a “safe space”, a time to be real and to share in each other’s joys and pains.” Christina Swecker

“For me, I get to fellowship and study with some of my closest Christian friends and discuss how God is working through us. We share a meal, catch up on what everyone has been doing, and most importantly we listen to each other and pray for those in need. I’ve gained some awesome new friends through our life group and many of us attend other ministries together.” Leslie Palmer

“I get “refueled” and supported in my walk with Jesus – I am challenged to grow – I am given an opportunity to share what God is doing in my life – I get to be inspired by what God is doing in the lives of others – I get to pray for our church and the members in our group – I am given opportunities to serve with this group as we constantly look for ways to outreach and support others – I get the opportunity to study the same materials in a small group format but with the knowledge that many others at church are working through the same materials.” Lara Hoke

  1. What is unique and special about your group?

“The group Kathy and I attend is quite diverse it includes singles, families with younger children, families with grown children, newly (relatively speaking) married, older couples such as Kathy and I who will celebrate 44 years of marriage this year, and diverse backgrounds and upbringings. This mixture makes for great discussions and insights.” John Coleman

“My life group is unique in the fact that the majority of our group have been together since the beginning of life groups. It enables me to make personal and close connections to my brothers and sisters. I am able to share not only my faith but also things about my personal life.” Roxie Megginson

  1. Why do you think others should sign up for a life group?

“It’s a great way to grow in Christ and challenge yourself. It also helps a large church not feel so big when you walk in on Sunday morning and see people you know and who know you and you’re doing life together.” Steph Marshall

When Steve and I started attending Bridge, life group sign-ups were mentioned during our first month which was in August.  I immediately signed us up for a life group. I am so glad I did.  It was a great way to meet people and get to know each other as a family.  We have stayed in the same life group for four years.  We have become a “real” BRIDGE family.  We have been with each other during sorrow and joy!  We have our own “family” prayer chain.  We fellowship together other times besides life group!  I know I am speaking for the whole group when I say we have grown in love for Jesus as our Lord and Savior and for each other!” Tamara Campbell

There are so many more testimonies and stories to share from people who have grown and have found family in life groups, but it’s time for YOU to create your OWN stories.  All it takes is you making the choice to free up one evening a week, step out of your comfort zone, and join!