Author: Zach Woods

Over time I’ve become a fan of Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan. I’m always fascinated by the ease he has in getting dogs to change behaviors that their owners have not been able to change. It’s funny to me, but Cesar does not consider himself a dog trainer. He says it best – “I’m a dog behaviorist, which means that I rehabilitate dogs, and I train people.”1 I’ve had dogs of all sizes – some well-behaved and some not. The thought that it could be me influencing these different behaviors never crossed my mind. I really started to become a fan when I started realizing his ideas made sense – it really was a “me” thing. The fact is, Cesar really understands dogs and realizes the issue is not with the dog; it’s with the human. He knows how the different energies we unknowingly exert can trigger different behaviors. He trains people to be aware of these energies and the environments we create for our dogs. This leads to a much better relationship between the dog lover and the dog.

I assume you’re already thinking – how on earth does this have anything to with getting God to do what I want?

My trust in God has changed a lot of over the years and in some ways will always be a work in progress. Sometimes I find myself asking God for some of the weirdest things. When I was young, I’d ask for A’s on tests, to win my baseball games or Little Boy in Prayerfor the “perfect” girl to like me. None of these are wrong, but if they didn’t happen, I’d find myself questioning if God hears me or cares – can I trust Him? Over the years I’ve been able to better understand the issue here – the issue is not with God…it’s with me.

Psalms 37:4 – 5 says, “Take delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your ways to the Lord; trust in Him and He will do this.”2

God is God. God is all knowing. God is good and He loves you and wants what’s best for you. If you believe this, if you trust Him and delight in Him, the Holy Spirit will guide your heart to produce the desires of God. I think we can agree that this is WAY easier said than done. It will take work. It will take devotion. It will take a personal relationship with the one who created you, and it will become a life fully committed to Him.

So… I guess getting God to do what I want should be a goal of mine, but it’s more about me than it is Him. He is here, He is constant and is not going anywhere. He has a plan for my life (and yours). As I focus on my relationship with Christ, it is my prayer that my desires will reflect His. I’ve learned through different experiences that God’s plan is always better than mine, and the more I trust His plan, the better our relationship seems to be.

Cesar believes it’s not the dog that needs training – it’s the human. I know for us, it’s not God that needs to change – it’s the humans. Knowing that I am an imperfect human and that my human desires seem to stand out, I realize I have to train constantly through scripture study, prayer, worship, keeping myself surrounded by those striving for the same and just being aware of the constant pulls of the world. Doing this with a desire to have a changed heart and a commitment to truly trusting God will lead to Him giving you the desires of your heart. Doing this will lead to a much better relationship between our creator and His creation – YOU.

  1. Millan, Cesar,”Well-trained but not well-behaved”